Introducing ‘Five Things,’ A New Podcast From 89.3 WFPL

Today, Louisville Public Media is introducing “Five Things,” a new weekly podcast from 89.3 WFPL hosted by Tara Anderson.

Each week, a different guest selects five things — physical objects — that have been important in their lives, and we talk about those things and why they matter.

The first season of six episodes includes an elementary music teacher, a writer, a community organizer and a university president.

You can subscribe to “Five Things” for free on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

A preview of the first episode is here.

“How do the objects we love define us? What can we learn from the things we treasure? And how can we discover a life story through those objects? These are some of the questions we’ll explore on ‘Five Things,’” said host and creator Tara Anderson. “I’ve now recorded nearly 20 conversations around this structure. I’ve loved getting to learn more about my guests through the objects they treasure, and I think listeners will, too.”

The name “Five Things” comes from an original play by Louisville-based Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, in which three characters stranded on a desert island each pull five cultural artifacts — books, movies, albums — out of a magic baby pool and riff on them, with great delight and absurdity. With the kind permission of Le Petomane, Anderson expanded this idea to include any five objects that have been important to a life.