Leave a Legacy

You can help guarantee Louisville Public Media’s future for decades to come. From simple bequests to beneficiary designation on existing life insurance policies, planned gifts of any size will help secure the future of public radio in your community.

Did you know you can help guarantee Louisville Public Media’s future for decades to come by making a gift through your estate?

Did you also know that a planned gift may allow you to make a larger donation than you thought possible while creating significant estate tax savings?

When you make provisions for Louisville Public Media in your financial and/or estate plans it will help ensure that the stations remain a strong voice for the community with news, music and information.

Your gift can take the form of:

  • a will or living trust
  • a beneficiary designation on your IRA retirement account
  • a beneficiary designation on an existing life insurance policy

Any sized gift will make a difference and, in fact, there is no limit on the amount you can leave to Louisville Public Media or to other charitable organizations through a deferred giving plan.

Planned or deferred giving enables you to arrange charitable contributions in a manner that maximizes your personal objectives while minimizing the after-tax cost. We call them planned gifts because they are directly connected to your financial and/or estate plans. They are also called deferred gifts because, even though they are given today, Louisville Public Media will not realize their benefit until some time in the future.

WFPL, WUOL and WFPK operate as part of Kentucky Public Radio Inc. dba Louisville Public Media. All planned and deferred gifts are designated to Louisville Public Media.

Louisville Public Media also has a limited number of exclusive naming opportunities. Learn more.

Whatever form your gift may take, the message you send remains the same:

You support Louisville Public Media’s mission “to engage, educate, and entertain by creating and providing innovative, outstanding programming fueled by intellectual and cultural diversity.”

If you have already taken steps to include Louisville Public Media in your plans, thank you, and please let us know. If you would like assistance in planning a gift, we will be happy to help coordinate your efforts with your attorney or financial advisor.

If you have questions about any of these gifts, please call 502.814.6565.

Louisville Public Media does not provide tax or financial advice. Please consult a financial advisor for additional information and to find out what type of gift is right for you. Louisville Public Media does not accept Trusteeship of a trust from which it benefits.