2nd Annual 91.9 WFPK Mental Health Day: A full day of programming that explores mental health

91.9 WFPK Independent Louisville announces another full day of on-air programming dedicated to discuss and work toward removing the stigma around mental health issues tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 10) from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The day will feature a mix of music, interviews with local experts and advocates, and participation from the community.

Inspired by the overwhelming listener response from last year’s broadcast, WFPK has again invited mental health experts and advocates to stop by the studio and talk about how to support friends and family who are living with a mental illness and how to work toward removing the stigma around discussing mental health issues.

Schedule of Guests:

8 a.m. – Jeremy Harrell, founder of Veterans Club KY

9 a.m. – Nancy S. Brooks, Executive Director – NAMI Louisville

11 a.m. – Debbie Weiss, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services/Kristen Millwood, Development & Communications Manager – Wellspring

1 p.m. – Shanda Cool, LCSW, MDiv, Director of the Crisis Stabilization Units/Kimberly Spaw Johnson, Director of Development & Communications – Wellspring

2 p.m. – Andrea Gibson, poet and spoken word artist who is performing tonight at Headliners

3 p.m. – Patty Murray, musician and documentarian of “A Special Kind of Wrong” about her sister’s battle with mental illness

4 p.m. – Geneva Robinson, Clinical Supervisor and Unit Manager – Centerstone Kentucky

5 p.m. – Heidi Joy Stenson to talk about the upcoming Low Key Concert at Zanzabar on Nov. 3 that’s part of the Tonal Change Podcast dedicated to music and mental health

6 p.m. – Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro discusses his own journey living with addiction and depression

7 p.m. – Patrick Rhodes, Director of Programs/Kimberly Spaw Johnson Director of Development & Communications – Wellspring

8 p.m. – Allison Cross, MT-BC (aka DJ Aly) – Restorative Sound

“A day of music and open discussion about this important issue is how we’ll honor those we’ve lost and hopefully provide some useful insight to uplift ourselves, friends and family living with this daily battle,” WFPK Program Director Stacy Owen said.

WFPK is also inviting the public to participate. By calling 502-814-6560, people can leave a message about a song that’s helped them deal with depression, dedicate a request in honor of a loved one or share a related story. Some messages will be broadcast on air.