Join Our Legacy Society

You can help guarantee Louisville Public Media’s future for decades to come. Making provisions in your financial or estate plans will help ensure that our stations remain a strong voice for the community with news, music and information.

With a simple bequest in your will or a beneficiary designation on an insurance policy or retirement account, you can make a lasting impact. Planned gifts of any size will help Louisville Public Media create quality programming for generations to come.

“Thinking about legacy, and having listened to Public Radio all of my life, I think we both thought: what about the future? I just want to know that this will continue.”
—Mark and Kay Rountree

When you let us know that you’ve made provisions in your estate plans you will become a member of the Legacy Society, enjoying invitations to special events, behind-the-scenes tours and all the benefits of our highest level of donors. This is our way to honor forward-looking individuals, like you.

If you have already taken steps to include Louisville Public Media in your plans or would like more information, please call Ellen Oost at 502-814-6534 or email

“We’ve been listening to all three stations for many years. We’ve been members for most of that time. Louisville Public Media is like an old, trusted friend. And we’d like to help our friend keep going through our legacy gift.”
—Amber and Paul Halloran

We all want the best for our families and for the organizations we love. Your gift will allow Louisville Public Media to provide the future residents of this city the same benefits that you receive from our programming today.

Thank you.


The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Kentucky Public Radio Inc. dba Louisville Public Media as a tax-deductible 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our tax identification number is 61-1259787.

Louisville Public Media does not provide tax or financial advice. Please consult a financial advisor for additional information and to find out what type of gift is right for you. Louisville Public Media does not accept Trusteeship of a trust from which it benefits.

Have you included us in your will or estate plans? Click here to download our Declaration of Intent form.