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What LPM Does Best

Louisville Public Media is your most important media partner, providing your industry’s largest, most influential market of customers and prospects, who give LPM most of their media time, loyalty and trust.

  • Grow market share and widespread favorability for your quality brand
  • Boost your Ecommerce, web traffic, and SEO
  • Fill your event
  • Deliver high quality employee candidates, and grow goodwill with existing employees
  • Promote thought leadership and favorable awareness of key employees
  • Establish large scale favorable education of your products and services
  • Promote your community outreach, impact, and civic partnerships
  • Promote your not-for-profit organization’s mission, grow philanthropy, and recruit quality volunteers
  • Target the same quality prospects across Kentucky with the KPRN network of stations, or in your key markets anywhere

Like virtually every other industry, local media has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Local media platforms experienced increased audience fragmentation, with one notable exception.

The survey period for the newly released Nielsen Louisville Market Report (March 2020 – March 2021) captures audience shifts across the pandemic
and shows how well LPM has done.

Today, Louisville Public Media leads all other local
media in reaching:

Household Economic Influencers
HH Income
College Degree Holders
Educated Parents
Real Estate
Online Commerce
Active Lifestyle

Business Decision Makers
College Educated Managers
Small Business Owners

Online Shoppers

Community Influencers
Civic Engagement

Market Share - Household Economic Influencers
Market Shares Business Decision Makers

Market Shares Community Influencers

Source: The Nielsen Company Louisville Scarborough R1 2021

At LPM, Mission Makes the Difference

As Louisville’s only remaining locally owned major media organization, our people-first, 100% opt-in approach has created not only the market’s largest audiences, but also the most loyal and the most trusting. This creates a halo of credibility for your business that no commercial campaign can match.

  1. LPM stations lead the radio market in loyalty, with the highest percentage (56%) and number (91,213) of users who make LPM stations their first choice, where most of their listening occurs.*
  2. LPM stations lead the media market in number of weekly adult users 21+ (163,792) and in time spent (1,358,750 hours per week).**
  3. LPM is the market’s most valued media option. In FY 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, LPM users donated a record $2,824,000 – to support content that everyone can access at no cost.
    *Source: The Nielsen Company Louisville Scarborough R1 2021;
    **Source: The Nielsen Company, 2021, Louisville; DEC20


Public Radio = Trust and Loyalty

Curated Platform Bundles

Every client partnership is based on the client’s specific needs and budget. Our experience in working with hundreds of clients in a wide assortment of industries has allowed us to create curated platform bundles that offer topical hyper-targeting of these audience segments.


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