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  • On-Air: Monthly Unduplicated Cume (WFPL + WUOL + WFPK) 288,000
  • Live Stream: 507,000 monthly stream starts, 62,000 uniques

Web Visits (3 month average, May – July 2020)

  • LPM Websites: 419,355 monthly uniques, 716,105 pageviews

Opt-in Newsletters

  • LPM Member eNews: 68.385 subscribers
  • WFPL Daily News: 16,335 subscribers

On Demand

  • LPM Podcasts: 91,250 monthly downloads

Social (as of June 2020)

  • LPM followers: 173,000

It’s never been more important to know where your customers are. We are happy to provide an up to date Nielsen Media Market Report for your business or industry upon request.

Nielsen Media Reports:


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How Quality Brands Can Thrive in the Age of Advertising Overload


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