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  • On-Air: Monthly Unduplicated Cume (WFPL + WUOL + WFPK) 288,000
  • Live Stream: 400,000 monthly stream starts, 49,000 uniques

Web Visits

  • LPM Websites: 278,000 monthly uniques, 558,000 pageviews

Opt-in Newsletters

  • LPM Member eNews: 48,884 subscribers
  • WFPL Daily News: 14,000 subscribers

On Demand

  • LPM Podcasts: 62,000 monthly downloads

Social (as of November 1, 2019)

  • LPM followers: 116,000


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How Quality Brands Can Thrive in the Age of Advertising Overload


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Learn more about Louisville Public Media business sponsorship. Call Gray Smith at 502-814-6521 or email gsmith@louisvillepublicmedia.org.

John Grantz, Senior Corporate Marketing Representative (502) 814-6523
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Gray Smith, Director of Corporate Support and Marketing (502)814-6521
Scott Stephens, Corporate Marketing Representative (502) 814-6535