LPM Diversity Statement

Louisville Public Media finds the consideration of diverse viewpoints and opinions essential to representing the authentic, honest and accurate voice of our community.  Accordingly, we practice a culture of inclusion and collaboration intended to embody and reflect our society at its best.  That means being an organization that seeks out and embraces people of all origins, heritages, characteristics, circumstances and lifestyles.

Our team at LPM – the staff, board of directors and community advisory board – reflects the diverse population of our primary coverage area.  We know this because we measure with help from the Kentucky State Data Center at the University of Louisville.  Our most recent study shows no statistically significant differences between our audience and the LPM team with respect to elements of diversity including, but not limited to, gender, age, race, ethnicity, and employment status.

Nonetheless, LPM has adopted goals to even better reflect our vibrant and changing community.  In the last year, LPM has laid the foundation for significant progress to increase our diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices for the next two to three years:

  • We reviewed with our board of directors our current D&I goals and practices;
  • We consulted with leading local D&I professionals;
  • We adopted Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDIB) as a tool for helping to determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion;
  • We developed and conducted a self-assessment to provide baseline measures for strategic D&I planning;
  • We set goals for the coming year under the GDIB Categories of: 1. D&I Vision, Strategy, and Business Case; 4. Recruitment, Development, and Advancement; and 7. D&I Training and Education;
  • We developed a dashboard to manage our D&I goals, providing all the crucial information, including: Action; Assessment Tool; Deadline; Ownership; Resources; Status; and Results; and
  • We are maintaining this Diversity Statement on our website.

Highlights of LPM’s D&I plans for the coming year include:

  • To review and discuss this Diversity Statement at quarterly staff meetings;
  • To develop new partnerships with underserved communities and hold a series of events to invite feedback regarding their needs and satisfaction with our programming;
  • To diversify our marketing, advertising and public relations strategies in a concerted and coordinated effort to grow minority audiences;
  • To reform our recruitment practices, including annual participation in diversity job fairs, to maximize the size and diversity of candidate pools for staff and senior leadership, board of directors and community advisory board positions;
  • To redesign our internship program to create more opportunities for underserved groups;
  • To encourage employees to take advantage of training opportunities that meet organizational needs and individuals’ career development goals; and
  • To retain local D&I professionals to provide general D&I education and training to managers and supervisors, to administer cultural competency testing for all LPM team members and to develop a leadership training program.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting requires Grantees to undertake one of five special initiatives on an annual basis in order to comply with Diversity Statement certification; LPM is proud that our plans for the coming year reflect all five initiatives.