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Looking for other ways to give?

There are more ways to support Louisville Public Media including donating a car, donating stock, becoming a business sponsor and more.

Suggested giving levels

$10,000 Visionary Society
Exclusive opportunities to meet distinguished guests of Louisville Public Media and invitations to private events.

$5,000 Edward R. Murrow Society
Lunch with the President of Louisville Public Media and a host or staff member of your choice.

$200 per month ($2,400) Signal Society
Reserved seats at MembersOnly performances, select in-studio recording sessions and other Louisville Public Media events.

$100 per month ($1,200) Bob Edwards Society
Invitation to an annual luncheon and studio tour with on-air hosts from the station of your choice.

$50 per month ($600) Public Radio Partners
Invitation to the annual Partners Reception with Louisville Public Media on-air hosts, producers and reporters.

$30 per month ($360) Day Sponsor
A personal on-air Day Sponsorship message on the date and station of your choice.

$20 per month ($240) Editor
Two free lunches each week at WFPK Live Lunch and WUOLive concerts. One free Editor Level gift.

$15 per month ($180) Announcer
Preferred seating at lunch concerts. One free Announcer Level gift.

$10 per month ($120) Commentator
One free lunch each week at WFPK Live Lunch and WUOLive concerts. One free Commentator Level gift.

$5 per month ($60) Contributor
Ticket giveaways, discounts, presales and more perks in our weekly Member eNews. Free Louisville Magazine subscription.

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