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Words for the People

Where Y’all Really From

Butter Pecan


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Five Things

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Say Yes: An Elliott Smith Podcast

Strange Fruit

The Artistic Heart

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The Next Louisville

Curious Louisville

The Pope’s Long Con

These Miracles Work: A Hold Steady Podcast

Tough and Universal: Stories of Grit

Track Changes

Welcome to AppalachAmerica

WFPK’s The First Cut

WFPL Daily News Briefing

LPM Podcast Incubator

The LPM podcast incubator is designed to make the medium accessible to people in our community who have great ideas but aren’t sure how to make them happen: People who can’t afford studio time or attend all-day training sessions. People who don’t usually see themselves represented in public media. We’re particularly interested in shows made by and for people of color, LGBTQ folks, immigrants and people of marginalized genders.

The first show from our podcast incubator launched in September, 2021. “Where Y’all Really From” tells the stories of Asian Americans in Kentucky. You can learn more about it at whereyallreallyfrom.org. Sign up for the LPM Podcasts newsletter (in the form above) to be notified when we’re accepting applications again!

The podcast incubator is made possible with support from The Community Foundation of LouisvilleThe Eyecare Institute’s Butchertown Clinical TrialsPodchaser and Rankings IO.The podcast incubator is also made possible by you, when you make a donation.

LPM Podcast Internship

The LPM Podcast Internship is designed for a person of color and/or marginalized gender who wants to learn how to edit and produce podcasts. The objective is to make the audio and podcast production industry more inclusive of underrepresented groups. This internship can be for college credit, but is meant to be accessible to non-students with other work or family obligations.

Length of internship: Six months

Compensation: $15 hourly

Schedule: Flexible, working 15-20 hours per week, remotely. The intern should have reliable internet access in their home or workspace.

Goals: The intern will learn to create a podcast episode, which includes mixing music, intros, outros and content. They will learn to identify the best parts of an episode and the parts that don’t work and should be cut. They will develop an ear for pacing, and what makes a good episode opening/closing. They will learn to upload and publish podcast episodes, and how to create audio and video promos.

If you’re interested in this internship, please contact Laura Ellis at lellis@louisvillepublicmedia.org to learn more!

LPM Podcast Distribution

LPM podcast distribution partnerships are designed for people who are already producing their show and want LPM to handle the logistics of getting them out into the world. Under this model, you submit finished episodes, and we publish them on the podcast apps, on our website and on NPR.org.

If you make a podcast (or are planning to launch one) and you want to know more about partnering with LPM for distribution, contact Laura Ellis at lellis@louisvillepublicmedia.org.

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