Sustaining Membership

Sustainers provide a steady, reliable income stream for Louisville Public Media. It’s the best way to support your public radio stations — allowing us to focus more resources on programming and community service and less time on fundraising.

Here’s how it works:

Your contribution is deducted automatically from the account of your choice (checking account, credit card or debit card) every month. Your membership renews automatically, which means no more renewal solicitation letters from us. We will send you an annual statement every January.

**You can change or cancel your contribution at any time.**

How to become a Sustainer:

  • Choose the amount that you’d like to contribute every month.
  • Decide if you prefer to use your bank account or credit card. (Choosing your bank account saves administrative costs for us.)
  • Visit our online donation page or call the Membership Hotline at 502-814-6565.

Sustainers help to:

  • Invest more of your contribution into the news and music you value.
  • Save thousands of dollars in postage, paper and administrative costs.
  • Provide a reliable stream of support that allows Louisville Public Media to plan for the future and invest in innovation.

What Member benefits do I receive as a Sustainer?

All the benefits that come with being a Louisville Public Media member remain yours to enjoy including access to special events and offers. As a Sustainer, you’ll be entered automatically into all of our Membership Drive drawings.

I’m already a Sustaining Member. How do I change or cancel my monthly gift?

You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly gift at any time. Update your Sustaining Membership here.

Your level of commitment as a Sustainer is an investment in the future of Louisville Public Media. We are very grateful to you.