Charles Spivey

Charles Spivey is the Vice President of Operations and Technology for Louisville Public Media. In his role, Charles leads a group of dedicated engineers and production staff in the maintenance and management of every piece of equipment that brings the magic of radio to your home. The Technology, Operations, and Production Department (TOP Staff), monitors the microphone a host speaks into and every wire the audio passes through all the way to the transmitters in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. In addition to the radio operation, the TOP staff maintains all the technology at LPM including websites and the mobile apps you use to enjoy LPM content. Charles has spent more than twenty years in non-profit technology as a staff member, a board member, or volunteer at organizations like the National Center for Family Literacy, the Center for Non-Profit Excellence, the Louisville Ballet, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Americana Community Center, and Stage One Family Theatre.