Russell Wells

Russell Wells is Technical Operations Manager for Louisville Public Media’s three stations, serves as Chief Operator, and the designated gremlinslayer whenever they infest our studio equipment, hindering what you hear.

What’s YOUR super-power?

Russell came to LPM in March 2014 after many years spent in operations and programming capacities at public radio stations in Savannah, Georgia and Troy, Alabama. He’s a graduate of Arkansas State University, and his first radio job was at age 17 (that’s a nicer way of saying he had no social life in high school!).

Russell is blessed with a long-suffering wife, Amy, and three children – two of whom are rescue dogs: Junot the spastic Chihuahua and Bonnie the impish Chonzer. His “non-rescue” offspring, Trey, lives in Massachusetts. Outside of work, he enjoys old-time radio, music collecting, and taking road trips in search of vintage roadside relics, old motels, bridges – everything that is part of a quickly-vanishing postwar Americana.

Most importantly, he is a sustaining member of Louisville Public Media … and hopes you are, too.